Old?!? I’m Not OLD!

Well there is old, and there is mature.

If you read this occasionally, you will know that I like to take long walks.
Really long walks.

After my latest long walk I had a small blister on the the side of one heel, and a very sore spot on the lower front of one shin. Really the top of the ankle, but I was thinking shin splints when I first felt a twinge. It was sore enough to make me limp on the downhills, or at least feel like I was limping at the end.

After almost a week, and still having a sore spot, and slightly swollen ankle, I decided to have it checked out.
Something interesting like a stress fracture?
A sprain when I didn’t remember twisting my ankle, and I have had my fair share of sprains.



Well. Didn’t like to hear that! Even said I had done these long walks before, which really made no sense, but I was in instant denial. The medical person kindly indicated that I was getting a bit older. Harrumph! I was directed to ice and rest the ankle, and it would get better. I was to use my judgement and not do anything that hurt.

So – yesterday I probably walked 5-6 miles. (Mature?) It was not all at once, just going here and there from a bus to a soccer stadium, around the stadium at halftime, back up the waterfront. Where we rested for lunch. Back down the waterfront to the baseball stadium, around the stadium, then sitting still in the stadium for 2-1/2 hours. Then back to the bus and bus to home. Really, not too much other than the waterfront to be avoided. Unless we drove. …

The ankle was a bit sore this morning when I first stood up. But I hope that is short lived as today I am off on another adventure at the ballpark. But this time I don’t get to sit through the game.

Old is a state of mind, and I am not ready. So I guess I will have to work on the mature part.

Oh, and several people have pointed out to me that the many sprained ankles of my young adulthood are most likely the cause of my arthritis. What goes around comes around?

2 Responses to “Old?!? I’m Not OLD!”

  1. jane Says:

    allow me to point out that you are OLDer than I am. 😉

    I can’t remember if I’m the good sister or the EVIL one….

  2. regenaxe Says:

    You are YOUNGer than me, however!

    As Dad says, “old age is not for sissies.” Frequently said while he is doing his floor exercises in the kitchen or on the deck.

    –the other forgetful GOOD/evil sister

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