Thank yous overdue

Seattle 2010 Breast Cancer Survivors

This is my THANK YOU post, for all those that supported me on my latest adventure – the 2010 Seattle Susan G. Komen 3-Day (60 Mile) Walk For The CURE. Most that I am thanking do not even know I have a blog, much less how to get to it. But I feel I should put out a public acknowledgement. So, here goes.

Thank you to all that walked with me, and talked with me on the many miles and hours spent in training. The Hotties, Babes for Boobs, and the Flamingo Road walk leaders, and all those that walked along. Nancy, Cindy, Susan, Tath, and the dozen or so others along for the strolls. Your stories are compelling, funny, touching and even tragic. But they all keep us moving forward. I find that I realize what a blessed life I lead. And a special nod to Carl, who is becoming quite the walker himself. [We have some baseball and soccer games this weekend, and in my head it is now natural that we should walk down to the stadium at least one of the days.]

Thank you to Dana for being my tent buddy and to Amy and Sally for allowing me to join your intrepid team on the walk itself. I hope all of the blisters are fading into a memory. Thanks to Mary Lou, Sheila and Spence for remembering me from Michigan, and for braving the Seattle rains. You are indeed Kindred Spirits.

Special Thank yous to Asea for the pie idea, Asea and Paddy for the pies, Paddy for the ponchos (bought 4 years ago, and finally put into official use), Shelley for a bed and a very early morning ride, and Ed for orange slices (not the fruit).

And to
John, Laurie, Brian & Leslie, Steve, Joyce, Fran, Shelley & Sam, Jeff & Kim, Sandy, Nancy, Bob & Doris, Mark & Dottie & Irene, Tom, Peter & Karolina, Patricia, Joe, Scott, Stu, Mike, Kristine & Dennis, Harry & Gene, Louis & Pearl, Pooh & Mark, Lisa, John Boy, Jerry, Doug, Janet, Rick & Chris, Cheryl & John and all those pie eaters,
for contributing to the goal of finding the cure, in our lifetime.

Because, everyone deserves a lifetime.

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