I like rice.
Rice is nice. (with chicken soup that is)

There were stories about rice pudding that I remember from my youth, vaguely.
I loved riced with butter and salt, when I was young.
Now I love rice with garlic and onions.
I like arroz con pollo just about any time.

And now I have a new love for rice.
As a drying agent.

The last night of the 3-Day I was in a tent.
It rained.
I had my cell phone and glasses in little pocket on the side of the tent.
The pocket got wet.
So did my cell phone. (My glasses, they did not care, they just got cleaner.)

My cell phone did not work any longer.
Not as an alarm clock.
Not as any kind of clock.
And certainly not as a phone.

I have a 5-6 year old phone. It’s a flip LG phone.
Ashlan says it is impossible to break them.
She would like a new phone, but Mom’s not buying if the old phone still works.
Mom has not bought a new American phone for Ashlan.

After hearing a few different people say that putting a wet phone in dry rice for a day or so could resurrect wet phones, I decided it could not hurt to try.

And after a day plus a little sitting in a bowl of rice, the phone is working. All seems to be well.

Rice – the miracle grain. Food and electronic repairs.

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