Today I got to be a mascot handler, a fuzzy thing’s wrangler.
What a blast.

It was Kid’s Appreciation Day on the last game of the season.
Kids seem to appreciate mascots.
We have a mascot (actually we share a mascot with several utilities, but this gig was our idea, so it was our mascot for the day).


Wayne Drop at Safeco Field

The mascot’s greeted fans, paraded and generally goofed around on the field before the game, greeted fans on the concourses, participated in the YMCA song in the stands, greeted fans on the concourses, sang and danced on the dugouts for the 7th inning stretch, and finally got to sit down (and cool down).

Mascots everywhere (there's a clam, and a geoduck (gooey duck))

It was a long day, but fun.
So many little kids are not sure about meeting a larger than life mascot.
Wayne (aka Chic) was great. He got down on his knees for the little ones.
And mugged for pictures with the older ones.  He has the mascot knack.

4 Responses to “Handler”

  1. regenaxe Says:

    And how do you tell if a mascot is mugging?

    • raincharm Says:

      From another mascot, you know you are supposed to be “smiling” to be “happy sounding” and that even in the costume you tend to smile from ear to ear.
      And I don’t think Wayne mugged anybody by accident.

  2. Donna Chang Says:

    Greetings! I am a teacher working with a planning committee for WeatherFest 2011 to be held in Seattle in January. Associated with the 2011 American Meteorological Society (AMS) convention, we would love to have Wayne Drop join us for this free family event but we have no idea how to track Wayne down! Can you help me? We have Doppler attending but a weather event in Seattle REALLY needs Wayne Drop! Thanks so much, Donna

    • raincharm Says:

      Just in case you have not heard back from my office yet – we are checking on Wayne Drops availability for the WinterFest date. We will be in touch.

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