We went to the Mariners Red Sox game last night.
[Actually, there were still more Mariner’s than Red Sox fans in attendance I believe. And most of the Red Sox “fans” are not from Boston or New England.]

You know when there are hundreds or thousands of fans all cheering for players, but somebody just stands out.

The Boston right-fielder last night was Josh Reddick.
In the early innings he threw up a ball to my seat, after the 3rd out.
I did not stand up, but both Carl & Kevin did on either side of me – with mitts outstretched. Kevin is a bit taller than Carl, and he won the prize. I am not sure if they would have even noticed if I stood up, and Kevin could not assure me he would have allowed me to catch the ball if I had.
In any case, that is not really the point.

In the latter innings a woman came down in the bottom half of the inning (Red Sox on the field) and sat a few seats away from us. She started cheering for Josh (not Reddick, Josh). That is not too unusual I am sure, but it was the look in her eyes, and the singular focus on him.

She left after the half of the inning was over, but reappeared in the next section over for the next bottom half of the inning. Same look, same focus.

Kevin thought about telling her who had tossed up the ball that was sitting in his cup-holder. We thought for sure he might be able to make a profit, either for $$ or other favors.

Re-reading this it does not sound like much, but it really was a little creepy at the time. Maybe it was nothing, and she knew him in high school, little league (Georgia?) or who knows. But we think we caught him looking over his shoulder a few times, in her direction. No direct eye contact, just checking out the scenery.

Oh, and the game? Mariners lost 5-1.

8 more home games.
[Carl and some of the groundskeepers have a running dialogue now. “How many more games?” “##!” It has been going on for quite a while now. Ways to keep these dismal seasons interesting.

Ashlan – do your homework, and it will be more interesting!

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