Blonde Moments

Yes, “Blonde Moments” would be potentially discriminatory. But there are a few (natural, more or less) blondes in our office that love to talk about them, and they are referenced with respect to people with all manner of hair colors, as well as those devoid of hair.

So here is mine for the day.

Work was really busy today. Just a few moments of “work” that was not in meetings or trying to meet a deadline on one bit. Just hustling from one thing to another. My last work act on the calendar was to be at the Sammamish Sustainability Fair. This is a group of booths attached to the regular Wednesday afternoon/evening farmers market. We had a booth last year, and repeated this year – to talk about water conservation.

We have tons of giveaways; hose nozzles, low flow shower heads, shower timers, water hogs, rain gauges, etc. And we had Wayne Drop, a rather large walking water drop.

So I was going to join Wayne, Janet and another to staff our booth. I had been at another off-site tour, so was joining a bit late. One item to take care of before I left – Call Carl and let him know that a workmate might be dropping by at the M’s game tonight.

From my work phone I called Carl’s cell.
Just as it starts to ring, my cell phone rings and it notes it is Shelley, who is working from home. So I hang up on my Carl call to pick up Shelley’s call. Which has gone to missed call in the meantime. So I hit the call back button. Paddy at the front desk answers, and I ask her if she had tried to transfer Shelley to me. She says no.

So I hang up, and start to call Carl again.
And again, my cell phone rings, with Shelley calling in.
So, without hanging up on the call to Carl I answer the phone.
“Hello. Hello?”

I hear the “Hello” from three perspectives. My own voice and both of the telephones I have to my ear.

Oh yeah, the phone that Carl had all summer is now in my possession, and he has Ashlan’s phone. I have been calling myself.


So, now I call Ashlan’s number and Carl answers.
As I try to tell him about the workmate going to the game, he says, “You mean you didn’t call to ask about the home run that Branyan just hit that landed about 3 rows right over their head?”
“No, I thought it was a night game, not a day game.”

Cuteness bit.
In the background I hear Lillian (4 yrs old) say, “Are you calling my Daddy to tell him to look for me on TV?”

One Response to “Blonde Moments”

  1. kayak woman Says:

    I mostly have Windows moments but I have done that calling yourself thing 🙂

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