21 Miles

21 miles is the most I have walked in one day since last August.
It was a reasonable northwest day, high in the mid-60’s, but no rain.
A great group to walk with. It does make the mileage pass more quickly.

Started at 7:30 AMish, finished at 5 PM. Stopped at a restaurant for lunch, and 5 or 6 other potty and catch up breaks. I think I am now ready for the big walk, essentially take yesterday and repeat, and repeat. I chose not to walk today, but rather, to catch up on some other items. Other than the raising money, the biggest thing about doing the 3-day is the time spent training. I think that is the biggest thing that  the participants give, or give up. Time. After these past few years I feel like I should be able to walk at least 5 miles at any time. I should be able to throw down a 10-mile walk without too much fal-de-ral. But for me, over 10 for more than one day in a row requires having your feet hardened and your mind at ease with your abilities. Carl has walked several times with me, short and medium. I think the longest we have done together is probably 13 miles. He can definitely do these, but feels like he is reaching his limit (without really training for more).

One last appeal – if you want to support research to find a cure, for breast cancer and other cancers as well, find the Donate line on the right. Several of the women I walk with are survivors, and the discoveries and treatment changes they have been able to implement in the last decade are impressive. But the research does need to be backed with resources. If you want to learn more, go to Susan G. Komen OK – done with the pitch, because Everyone Deserves a Lifetime.

So, my other things? Sitting in the house past 7 AM for starters. Then I need to catch up on a little Family Arithmetic, sign up for tickets to the Picasso exhibit and then do some work. I am sure a few more things to do will creep in along the way. But, it is nice to spend a weekend day at home.

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