Dawn til night

Up and out the door.
Thought my first meeting was at 8 AM, but not until 9.
Grace of one hour to get some things done.
Then it was basically meetings here, meetings there.
Until lunch.

PIES galore.
Actually 6 of them.
2 Apple, 2 Pumpkin, 1 Pecan and 1 Lemon and 1 Peach Cobbler.

We held a raffle for 1 each of the apple and pumpkin. Selling tickets at $1 we raised around $50. The rest of the pies went through a silent auction. Total take – about $110. Woo-hoo!

Since many put the pies out to share, I am a little sugar overloaded.

Which may have been helpful after I arrived home. I left at 4:30, home by 5:30, and we jetted out before 6. On foot. Walked about 6-1/2 miles to watch the Seattle Sounders game. They did not lose. Unfortunately they did not win either. 0-0 tie. But still fun. And we got a ride home with some friends that sit near by.

Got to catch up on their kid’s pursuits. At 18 he is in Denmark for a month, dancing with their ballet. They are paying for this (the Danes). Then for the T-day- Christmas holiday the LA Ballet is using him in their Nutcracker ballet.

I am waiting until he is really famous and I can say I knew him when.

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