Everything + a Pie

I try to think of interesting things that happened today.

If I go back far enough I remember the first day of SCHOOL traffic on the way to work. The 3 high schools within a mile of my office have been in class for almost a week. But today was the first day I got caught in the mess. And a driver (probably a newbie) at the front of the right turn (free if you can find a spot) queue that would not go. There are two lanes to turn in to. The left lane is the one that eventually turns to the first high school on the route. The right lane allows you to go on by (or into the MacDonalds). Turning into the near lane takes you into the right lane. Many students use this lane for a bit and then try to merge into the left. Or they go past the school and then turn around at the next light and go back. A lot of the time they use the right lane to jump the line. But on some days you just can’t get into the right lane at the corner, so you don’t have much choice. Today was that day, but the front car would not just go into the right lane. So we sat and waited through a couple of light cycles without moving an inch. I am sure they will learn, but really – I hope they would decide it is easier to just take the school bus.

The rest of the day – mostly meetings. Actually, mostly 1 meeting. With a smattering of other bits thrown in for good measure.

Got out around 6:45 – thinking Carl was off at a baseball game. As it turns out, he was home – wondering where I was. He called while I was on the road, but I dutifully ignored the ringing phone. Not only is it unsafe to talk on the phone while driving, in Washington it is illegal. $160 ticket – and a primary offense.

Once home – made a pie. One of the fundraisers being done for me by a few at work is to back pies, raffle a few and auction the others. Tomorrow at lunch. So I made an apple pie. Smells good. (If I do say so myself.)

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