Looong Weekend

Let’s see if I can remember what happened over the last several days.

Saturday: I just checked and my last post had my list for Saturday.
It all happened except putting in the zipper.
And we added some Christmas Shopping.

The walk ended up being more like 12 miles, but at a good pace. We walked from Safeco field, east – crossing the I-90 floating bridge, across Mercer Island to Luther Burbank Park, and then retraced our steps. I have put together a brief picture show – with a few of the high and low-lights from the walk.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Walking across the bridge was a major item on the walk. At somewhere between 1.5 and 2 miles each way, it took more than 1/2 hour to traverse each direction. It was, at the same time, a silent and noisy walk. Noise from the traffic made chatting impossible, so we were silent. Also single file. Many bicycles use the bridge, and they do not move slowly. We went through many parks, including the I-90 trail that we followed for much of the walk. It did not rain, although it was raining as we drove to the start/finish line.

I think the Mariners won, although I can’t swear that my memory is correct. When we arrived home Dennis and Anne were still up, but their grandkids were asleep (on the new blow-up bed).

Sunday – this was to be the day Ashlan went back to Vancouver (BC).
I knew she was not ready early, so I went for a walk. About 8-9 miles, with a group of like-minded women. Good to have a group to encourage you along when you would rather sleep in.

Dennis, Anne and the Grandkids were up and about. Playing with our myriad of toys, and packing for an overnight trip to Camano Island.

Ashlan was still not ready, and I still had the zipper on my list.The dress was repaired, and the zipper was actually harder to take out than to put back in.

Pretty soon everybody but Ashlan & I had left. Then Ashlan left – to go to a bookstore with a friend. As it turns out, Ashlan was not really ready to leave Sunday – so we did not.

Monday dawned early. And so did we. Up and out and to the north. The rain increased as the day wore on. We reached Vancouver in good time, and then set about figuring out what to do for lunch. The yam fries from a nearby bar sounded good, but it was a holiday, and before 11 AM. So it was off to Vera’s, a burger joint near the UBC campus. I think we were their first customers. We took our food back to Ashlan’s cute apartment part of a house.

I finally had to leave to drive south, so Ashlan could unpack in peace and wait for her friends to appear. (Her last summer assignment is to guest blog – I am still waiting.)

The drive was wet, and busier than the drive up. A few real slowdowns and a few accidents (rear enders). Back home by 3 PM, but the drive does take a toll. Lazy evening. And then back to the grind.

Today I managed to stay at work until 7:30 or so. There was a late meeting, payroll, and the promise of a day-long meeting tomorrow. When else can the actual work get done?

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