Labor Day Weekend

Well – it has arrived.
To finish up on my previous post, I did not get out the door until after 5 on Thursday (but my carpooler stayed as well), and until 6 something on Friday. I think I am making up for lost time.

But I should note that everybody else at home was otherwise engaged, and there was nobody waiting for me on the other end.

Today’s agenda:

  • Work on trying to replace an invisible zipper.
    This apparently involves a different zipper foot that is found in my 50-60 year old sewing machine.
    [Do you know that any time I try to type “sewing” it comes out “sewer”. Muscle memory.]
  • Pack for a walk and a baseball game.
    That would be light clothes and heavier clothes.
    It is supposed to get up to the high 60’s today, and maybe rain here and there. Great weather for walking, except the rain, but a little chilly for sitting still.
  • Walk.
    Carl and I have planned 11+ miles.
    We are going to drive down to the stadium, park, and start from there.
    This will open up different areas than we usual trek.
    My current plan (thank you Rey) is to go east from the stadiums, across the I-90 floating bridge, to Luther Burbank Park on Mercer Island, and then back. The bridge itself is about 1.5 miles, and there are trails on either end. I was about to say I had not walked these before, but part of the 2007 3-day walk went this way.
  • Baseball –
    See if the Mariners can manage to win one. (They did last night – 1-0 – over the equally anemic Indians)
    Or at least have some great plays.
  • Home, to a few more visitors.
    We have had Dennis staying with us for the last few weeks.
    Today his wife and 2 grandchildren (8 & 10) will be arriving.
    We bought a bed (inflatable) to add to our ability to house folks.
    Ashlan took the trundle bed, and it has limited us to sleeping 6 in beds (us included).
    This will get us back up to 8, which is handy.
  • Set up the inflatable bed.
    That should happen earlier in the list, but I forgot it earlier.
    That is why I make lists.

Hope your day goes well. Happy weekend.

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