sleepy day

But that does not mean that we have slept. It only means that it has been a sleepy day.

We got up at the normal time (for work). And since it is a weekend, it must involve long walks.
So, instead of joining other walkers for the prescribed 18 miles today, I had Carl join me and we walked 11 miles.
I showed him some of the tricks I have learned about walking around the city. There are a few roads and waterways and railroad tracks that must be dealt with. If you walk a lot you learn the places that are available to get across and around.

Today I introduced him to the 41st Street pedestrian overpass to cross Aurora (Hwy 99). This is the sort of structure you can pass everyday, and not notice that it is there. Later we crossed the Helix pedestrian bridge over the railroad yard, that takes you to the north end of Myrtle Edwards park. (Really somewhere in the middle of a very long pedestrian/bikeway along the Puget Sound, north of downtown. The crossing allowed us to traverse a few miles next to the water, instead of through downtown streets. (I used a simple cut and paste at a try for a picture, so it may not actually publish.)

The walk ended, as many do, at Safeco Field. Home of the anemic Seattle Mariners. But with temperatures in the mid-60’s and the sun out, I was mostly comfortable. Comfortable enough to try to use Carl’s shoulder as a bed.

I was going to walk the 6-1/2 miles home, and get close to my 18. But I decided I was ready to take a break. Tomorrow is scheduled for 15-16 miles. I think that will be enough for the weekend.

One Response to “sleepy day”

  1. kayak woman Says:

    We did 12 yesterday and I love that bridge. How’s that for a non sequitur? 🙂

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