Mish-mash pretty much describes me today.

I have been working on a problem that should not really be a problem, except that there are so many sources of data and different ways to slice and dice them. And when you use them in certain ways, it doesn’t always end up really matching the source from whence it came. And if was several months ago that the original data play began, remembering what you did exactly can be difficult.

And the day is interrupted by different things here and there, like lunch with your new boss (starting in October) and several other work-mates. Trying to make a reasonable impression, and just get to know him and his wife a bit better. The biggest issue at work right now is, “What are we going to do about what to call you guys.” You see, his name is Jay too. Now we have multiple John/Jon’s, Jim’s and James, 3 Mikes and a Jan and Janet. I think we might be able to tolerate two Jay’s.

So I figured out the inconsistency, and set about correcting the erroneous misleading table of data. But then of course the day ended before I could complete this task. So chances are I will have to reorient my brain when I look at it again.

Usually if I am in the middle of a muddle I will just stay at work until I can fight my way out of the woods. But, this was Ashlan’s last day, she had tickets to the game, it is a big crowd give-away day, and she had declared she was going to leave at 4:30 with or without me. (Of course if she left without me she would have to find a place to park, which would have lost all of the time spent waiting for me to finish … As it turns out I was ready to leave (even though I was in the middle of my muddle) before Ashlan. She was trying to be respectful and clean up her area before departing.

So we drove down to the mish-mash that is the traffic around Safeco Field on a big giveaway game night. And we kind of had to go twice. The first was a mere glancing blow at the field area, but we caromed off to go find the other car that had carried Carl and Jet to the stadium. In the car were Ashlan’s coat, dinner, mitt and other items. Then we took aim at the mass of vehicles and humanity that surrounded the stadium. As we paralleled the right field/1st base edge Ashlan finally decided it would be faster to walk than wait for me to actually reach the Will Call booth. (She was dropping a ticket for a friend.) I lost track of her before I passed the Right-field entrance line that looped around itself a few times, past Will Call and the Home Plate entrance (where I could not tell the line from the general mass of humanity), past the 3rd base side and then I sailed past the Left Field entrance heading to the Hwy 99 viaduct.

The Viaduct carries traffic through/past downtown without needing to go through all of the pesky traffic lights. And it does it with a view. Unfortunately, it was built on fill in the tide flats several decades ago, and threatens to fall with every temblor. It is scheduled for destruction. (Its removal will also open up views for many buildings of the Puget Sound.) The current plan is to replace the viaduct with a tunnel. The tunnel will continue the bypass of the downtown core, but without the view. Others say, “Just tear it down and let the traffic filter through downtown, or they will jump over to I-5 (and its gridlock).” I don’t think those people really understand that most people on the viaduct are passing town, not stopping, and adding that enormous number of cars to downtown is not going to help. Of course, the newish Seattle Mayor is a NO TUNNEL advocate. He softened his stance to get elected, but is working on ways to “slow” with an aim to “stop” the project. The viaduct will be torn down, and then we will have to WAIT until the slowing and stopping of the traffic finally speeds up the approval for the tunnel. Anyway … I am rambling.

Because my brain is full of mish and mash.

2 Responses to “Mish-mash”

  1. regenaxe Says:

    Maybe you can get in early on Monday, and unmuddle the muddle before people come in. (Since you won’t be waiting for stunning to happen. 😉 )

  2. kayak woman Says:

    I predict that sleeping on it (the muddle) will solve it.

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