More Walks and Early Wake-up

Yesterday I did a formal training walk (one organized by someone and posted for any and all to join). The formal walks are especially good for the longer distances, when you might get bored, or be tempted to shorten. They are supportive, show me new places around this area that I have not seen before, and most of all – allow you to meet some really nice people.

Yesterdays walk came in at just under 16 miles, and had about 20 people. Many had walked 18 miles on Saturday and were really testing their current limits. But all-in-all it went well. Nobody got onto the sag-car. Not even the 6-month pregnant woman or the woman who had only done 10 miles maximum this year due to a hamstring injury. 

I reconnected with a few women I had spoken to before, and got to know a few more much better. As I have said before, I realize that I have no real problems in my life. There are annoyances and issues, but really am pretty lucky. One woman I met is recovering (well) from breast cancer and her husband departing on the day of her second to last chemo treatment. Talk about piling stressors on top of one another. She is viewing the walk as a likely cathartic event for her.

I fell asleep earlier than normal last night – didn’t even get to the crossword puzzle, or writing letters, or doing some work, or housework. I basically just fell asleep. Today I woke with the alarm, and was ready to get up – and could move right in to getting to work. This is because Ashlan is taking this last week off to play pack. I guess nobody told Carl because he was making her lunch this morning along with mine.

And since I am at work – time to start.

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