14 Miles

I left around 7 AM, and returned around 12:30 AM.
Not bad for 14 miles.

It is good to be done because it is a hot day today – in the 90’s.
Finding shade was a big thing on the second half of the walk.
Finishing this back-to-back means that I am probably getting close to being in shape for the real thing.
Hopefully the real thing will be a bit cooler. Not that I am complaining, because it was not raining. And we all know that complaining causes blisters.

Of note:
Spilled a cup of coffee on my clothes on the way to the walk. Went home and changed – and left again.
No coffee yet … hmmm I know what I am doing next.

Beat the bridge on the return trip. We were approaching one of Seattle’s drawbridges, and I noticed a rather tall sailboat very close. 3 of us turned up the steam and made the bridge deck before they started to lower the gates.

Did have to walk home from the walk as nobody was available. Nobody will be mowing the lawn later this afternoon.

For me – shower time.

One Response to “14 Miles”

  1. Me Says:

    Me again.
    A cup of coffee (the rest of the one that spilled on me this morning) at 4-5 PM. A sudden burst of energy.
    Laundry (still need to fold), dishes (not too many), made 1 bed, washed and put away the lawnmower.

    Guess I have something more left in the legs – and it helps to not be out in the sun.

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