Meeting? What Meeting?

You know how over the weekend you can let certain things slip your mind?
Especially when it is in the 90’s, and where you live it doesn’t get into the 90’s.
And then you walk 32+ miles in the 90’s.

Conversation at work on Monday morning.

Scott: “So, are you going to be at the Public Meeting tonight?”
Me: “Yes, it’s kind of my thing.”
Scott: “I wasn’t sure if anybody else was going to help out.”
Scott: “It’s OK to put the signs out front isn’t it, I saw that they had been printed.”
Me: “Sure, … I think Janet has some A-frame boards.”
Scott: “And you know how to unlock all of the doors?”
Me: ” Yeah …. wait, the public meeting is at 4 PM.”
Scott: “No, the one starting at 6:30 PM”
Me: ” Which one?”
Scott: “About the office expansion.”
Me: “Oh, yeah – is that today???”
Me; “I can be there.”

Me: “Ashlan, I have a meeting tonight. You may want to look for another ride home, because the meeting does not start until 6:30.”
Ashlan: “OK” … punctuated by a look of, “Can’t you figure out what you are doing. Now I run the risk of having to stay in a place where I am being well paid for what I do, but am bored to tears by this time of the summer, and ready to be out of here at 4:30.”
Me: “Try Jim, and  I think Janet may be heading downtown after work, and there is always the bus.”

The issue was two public meetings, the first at 4:00 – for which I was mostly prepared, and the second at 6:30 – which I had completely forgotten. I didn’t say much of anything at the 1st, but had a presentation in the second.

3 people showed up for the 1st (out of the 74 properties) – not too bad, and didn’t expect a showing. 3 people showed up for the 2nd (out of 500 mailers, but only got about a dozen at our first required meeting on this subject a year ago). And one of the three at the 2nd meeting was really there for the 1st meeting. So I took her into my office and figured out what she wanted to know.

Home –  left at 7 AM, returned at 8+ PM.
Did not go walking, or riding. Content to sit in my chair and vote the King County way – BY MAIL.
I hate not being able to go to the polls.
But I did get a call from Sarah Palin on Sunday.

OK – now I am rambling.
“Ashlan, are you ready yet?”

One Response to “Meeting? What Meeting?”

  1. regenaxe Says:

    You get to vote for (or against) Sarah Palin? I better check on my geography, King County must be bigger than I thought. Can you see Russia from your house too?


    p.s. As you can probably tell, I’m back in the land of internet, and I did not get called in to work today. Friday is scheduled.

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