18 miles

Today started early – not O-dark thirty, but about the same time I usually leave for work.
Half a cup of coffee, finish the dishes and head out the door.

Met with 15 like-minded folks and we set off in the cool air.
Nice that it was cool to start, I believe it is about 90 degrees out right now.

The walk was billed as 17 miles, and went from Green Lake, through Ballard, crossing the Ballard Locks to Magnolia, through Discovery Park to Magnolia Park, lunch and reverse the course. Beautiful sights and the tourists and boats in equal numbers at the locks.

Most incredible was that one woman I met had just returned from their cabin, just west of Brimley.
Small world!

She is from the Soo, although her family moved when she was young. But the extended family stayed.
The name is Robert Gollinger. I am thinking he is about my Mother’s age – give or take a year. Evelyn Splan, with brother Joe. For those of you from the north – let me know if those names mean anything to you.

Finally got through the 17 miles, but since I had no car it was one more mile to home.
Really hot … need a lake. But will make do with a cold washcloth.

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