Eleven & 1/2 hours

Today we drove through Yellowstone & Grand Teton National Parks.

The drive started at 8 AM.

After we left the Tetons we continued through Wyoming, eventually getting back to the low scrub shrub that we think of when somebody says Wyoming. Down to Rock Springs, east to highway 789, south to Baggs, and into Colorado.
Craig, then Steamboat Springs, Kemmling, Silverthorne and finally Dillon.

More than 600 miles, and 11-1/2 hours total driving time.

We did get to see some elk, buffalo and antelope, and a few deer as well.
And the Tetons were magnificent. We have one picture of the Tetons, but I am not going to try and post it because our internet connection here in Dillon is a bit slow.

For more important items, we bade farewell to Pooh and Mark, and seriously hope they made all of their connections with time to spare. And we got to greet Bob and Doris. Dinner and chatting this evening. Tomorrow some sight-seeing is in store.

Tired tonight, even though Carl did 2/3 of the driving today.

We really did have a great time in Yellowstone. Hoping for the same result here in Colorado.

Re-reading this seems jumbled and not really very descriptive.
It was basically a beautiful drive, and great weather. But I am still tired.

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