High Altitude Walking, Bison and Bear

Tired evening.
This is because we had a good long walk, actually a hike.

We drove up to Mammoth Hot Springs, and embarked on the Beaver Pond Loop Trail. It was a little more than 5 miles, but at altitude felt more like 7. It went up, through forests, fields, by several beaver ponds and then across a scrub shrub field that went on forever. We saw prairie dogs, ducks, coots a glimpse of a deerish thing, but no beavers. Then it ended very suddenly in Mammoth.

We rested with water and lunch on a picnic table.
The next stage was in the car – on the look-out for wildlife, hopefully large.
We went to the Lamar Valley and found buffalo by the hundreds, and finally a bear. We found the bear all by ourselves, with no other stopped cars to point the way. The drive back led us through elk country as well.

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Back at the ranch we had dinner and are relaxing on our last day together.
Tomorrow we split for St. Louis and Dillon, to see other family members.

One Response to “High Altitude Walking, Bison and Bear”

  1. regenaxe Says:

    Well, we’re back in Sweat Louis, where it is NOT a dry heat. 81 Degrees at 11:30 pm when we arrived at the airport. Lots of time to make our connections, and easy drive. (Says the one who was the dedicated navigator and non-driver)

    Glad to hear you made it to Colorado with no problems

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