Dillon – Day 1

Somewhere near Montezuma, CO.

We got our first higher altitude hike in today.
Bob started us on our trail in a 4-wheel drive vehicle on a rather bumpy road.
This is not the type of place you would take a Prius, but Bob told us it really wasn’t a 4-wheel drive road, just a road in really poor condition.

After we reached the end of the driving portion at one of the dozens of mines along the route, we piled out and started walking. It was a good walk, but very rocky. Doris and Bob stopped after a bit to rest their feet, and Carl, Ashlan & Jay went on for a bit. We ended at a mine a bit off of the main trail. If you kept on the trail apparently you would eventually meet Grey’s Peak (spelling I am not sure of), and another offshoot would take you up to Argentine Pass.

On the way down we spotted a marmot, but not in time to get a picture. Then a deer spotted us, and started bounding above the bush. The bush is as tall as the deer, and on every bound he cleared the shrubbery. Try as I might, I could not get the animal mid bound. There is a deer in this picture.

Yes, there is a deer in the picture

OK – can you find it in this blow-up of a portion.

Look for the tan back peeking over some bushes

Here are the other pictures from todays adventure.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

The last one is the parking lot deer. It was there both when we entered and exited the bumpy road.

After we returned to Dillon, Ashlan & Carl found a school where they could kick the soccer ball around.
Me? I worked on this post. They will undoubtedly live longer.

One Response to “Dillon – Day 1”

  1. kayak woman Says:

    Love that the grandparents are out there hiking!

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