Watch out.
It is T-minus not much time before a vacation.

I love going on vacation.
I usually have a good time on vacation.
I like planning vacations.
Well, most of the parts.

I usually end up packing until the middle of the night before we leave.
I am the family packer.
[The kids pretty much pack themselves, for several years now, but I do the community stuff.]

I snarl, and get on edge because I am usually not finished with everything that needs to be done at work before I go.

So, when the computer can’t find the printer …. snarl.
When the kid won’t just do the chore you request … snarl.

Carl knows this happens, and has made himself scarce.
Of course, he did get all of the laundry done today, and is usually not fussy about what he takes.

This time I think I have avoided the middle of the night packing by doing it when I arrived home from work.
Now I am going to try and get those last minute things done. (I will feel better if I succeed.)
Time to get to work.

One Response to “Snarl”

  1. kayak woman Says:

    Hope your toilet doesn’t break down.

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