Finally, Vacation

We managed to get out of town at noon on Wednesday.
This had been the appointed time, so we stayed on our plan.
I was ready about 30 minutes before hand, having passed off the mailing to my able work-mates.
This would have probably been finished if the mailing machine had not been out of service.
Nothing like having to stuff a few hundred envelopes by hand.

So our first day was mostly driving.
10 hours.
Then we got to Helena, and a friend’s new apartment.

A couple of hours to catch-up and time for sleep.
Just not enough time, so we continued chatting in the AM, and off to yet another friend’s “cabin” in the nearby hills.

A delicious breakfast and chatting more.
Friend #1 off to work.
Finally we are off to Yellowstone, West Yellowstone that is.

After we arrived and settled in to our digs, Carl & Ashlan went out to play.
I finally succumbed to the need to check out for a while, and checked out the couch.

Pooh & Mark have now joined us – yeah – and it is time to go to dinner.

[Dennis – the house is ready for your arrival.]

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