Day on the Town

Saturday was a work day.
Sunday started with work, but by 11:00 AM it switched to play.

Carl & I took off on the bus for Qwest field and the Seattle Sounders playing Celtic.
Probably a 1/2 mile walk, but we did not walk the entire 6-1/2 miles that we usually do for weekend games.
The weather was cool, in the low 60’s until the sun peaked out near the end of the game.

Post game we walked up town to the Seattle Center.
2-1/2 to 3 miles. Not really sure, but all up-hill. An incline really, not a hill.
[As with the many distinct terms for different types of rain, Seattle walkers have many terms for the different grades of hills.]
This weekend is the Bite of Seattle, where restaurants from around the area all set up booths and sell tastes of their wares. It is a huge festival, at least in the years where it does not rain.

We chose to go to The Alley.
The Alley is a collection of 7 restaurants with top chefs (different groups for each of the 3 days of the festival).
You get a portion from each of the restaurants for a total tab of $10.
A portion of your $10 goes to Food Lifeline which provides food to families struggling with purchasing groceries.

We had a 5-Spice Duck Humbow with Hoisin sauce and pickled green peach,
A cold soup of oven-roasted beets, balsamic vinegar, orange juice, scented with thyme and a dollop of creme fraiche,
A salad that I can’t quite remember the ingredients (and don’t have it written down) – but it was good,
Hand carved bar-b-que steak sandwich,
Green and yellow curry combined with chicken mango and Thai basil, served over jasmine rice (my favorite),
Potato, spinach and goat cheese crostata, with smoked tomato vinaegrette,
And for dessert, a mini-chocolate tower with raspberry-white chocolate mousse and pound cake.

Small portions, but taken together a great meal.

We had planned to bus home, but decided we both needed new walking shoes, so called for a ride (Ashlan) as the shoe store was not necessarily going to wait for us. We were dropped at the store, made our purchases, and wore said purchases on the 1 mile walk home.

The day should be finished with a bit more work.
Assuming I can focus.
As I write, Carl has a ball game on the TV, but is more focused on the inside of his eyelids.

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