Soccer on both ends

I stayed home this morning for an hour and watched the Brazil v Portugal.

Then it was off to work.
Calm J today, more or less.
Picky little things – not much big getting done.
Called the insurance lady, we chatted, nicely.
She apologized for sending a letter that got me so upset.
And they offered the $ amount I had thought would be reasonable.

So, I will send off the paperwork tomorrow, but not the keys.
Those will go to the tow truck driver when they come to take the car away. Possibly as early as Monday.

Then for the main event. Glitter and Be Gay. The Seattle Mens and Womens Chorus’ performing together. 400 of them. On risers. It was spectacular. They did Bernstein and Sondheim pieces.

Then back home to finish up the Spain vs Chile game. Today’s games finish the roundrobin portion of the World Cup. I will provide the families totals tomorrow.

This is Calm J. Boring, but calm.

2 Responses to “Soccer on both ends”

  1. Me Says:

    Oops, just looked at this and noticed “families.” It should have been family’s. But it was midnight or so, no proof reading at that hour.

  2. kayak woman Says:

    Oh, forgot to mention in my other comment, I do know that anger thing. We must share a bit of DNA, dooya think?

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