Knock-out Round

So we are now poised at the start of the World Cup knockout stage.
Actually, the first game is really almost over, but thanks to the DVR and a little extra rest this AM, the game is just starting for us. S Korea v Uruguay.S Korea is my team, Uruguay Carl’s.

Which brings us to our current statistics. Now I have no thought that this is of interest to anybody outside of our family. But this will memorialize it, and keep Rey in touch (if in fact he has the time to read this).

After the Round-Robin Stage (3 games for each team)
Points: (3 for a win, 1 for a tie, 0 for a loss)

Rey = 31 Pts, with 8 Wins, 7 Losses, 9 Ties;
Goals for = 27, Goals against = 29, Differential = -2

Carl = 26 Pts, with 7 Wins, 12 Losses, 5 Ties;
Goals for = 15, Goals against = 19, Differential = -4

Jay = 29 Pts, with 8 Wins,  11 Losses, 5 Ties;
Goals for = 29, Goals against = 38, Differential = -9

Ashlan = 42 Pts, with 11 Wins, 4 Losses, 9 Ties;
Goals for = 27, Goals against = 15, Differential = +12

Goal differential, as a whole, doesn’t mean much, but for individual teams it can be the difference between going on or going home. Two teams out of each group of 4 in the Round Robin go on, and tie-breakers are frequently necessary.

Teams that are still alive are: (Pre Post-first game anyway)

Rey: (3) Slovakia, Paraguay, Portugal
Carl: (3) Uruguay, Chile, Japan
Jay: (4 3) South Korea, Mexico, Argentina, Spain
Ashlan: (6) USA, Ghana, Netherlands, Brazil, Germany, England

Note that Ashlan will lose at least 2 teams in the first set of knockout games because she plays herself. I will lose one as well when Mexico and Argentina meet.

The number of games per day has also been reduced to a maximum of 2. Entirely watchable.

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