Angry J

Yesterday – it started so well.
Ashlan started out at a bar/cafe with several other like-minded folks to watch the US Soccer team play Algeria. It was a 7 AM start on the left coast, so I got to see a few minutes before departing for work. I knew it was 0-0 at the half, but then it was into a staff meeting that would take the rest of the game. Near the conclusion of the staff meeting I asked who had the score (let’s be real with all of the electronic gadgets around today), and we heard the score 1-0 US. What we did not know was the dramatic fashion in which the win was achieved.

Ashlan, on the other hand, was fully aware and in the midst of the celebration. She had taken her USA flag, acquired for the Olympics, and the restaurant staff had told her to tie it to the railing of the loft where they were sitting. She arrived at work full of vigor.

And so the day should have been a good one. U.S. win, walk after work, drop Ashlan at the Mariners game (they beat the Cubs), and home to watch more soccer,     and open the mail.

I had not heard from the insurance company since last week. They had provided their idea of the car’s value, and I had countered with my own research into the valuation. There was a package waiting – with a check. The check reflected their original valuation, with no mention of my additional data – accepted or not. No mention of the difference in their assumed mileage and our real mileage. The letter seemed to presume we wanted to keep the car, although they provided some information on how to send them the title, keys, etc.

The package set me off. All of the good of the day left, in an instant. I hate my sometimes explosive anger, but that is me. It resulted in a call to Carl (venting), a call to my insurance adjuster to complain, and an e-mail to the insurance adjuster to complain in a calmer tone, but with more reasons why I was so upset.

I have been exposed to customer service for many years, and write letters to customers on a fairly regular basis. Clarity is important and can save a lot of angst. This letter was missing clarity. I am sure they know what they mean, but they deal with settlements on a daily basis. Most of us – maybe never before. I am sure it is a form letter of sorts – they will continue to get suggestions on how to improve their interactions.

I hope to hear from them tomorrow with revisions to the valuation, and answers to some other questions like, “Why would I send you all of the keys to the car and be left with a 2000 pound broken car sitting in my driveway, and no way to even try to move it?” (More than happy to hand over the keys to the tow truck driver that drags it away.)

Enough complaining. Time for Calm J.

3 Responses to “Angry J”

  1. regenaxe Says:

    Wait, did I miss a blog, or two? I know you’ve been looking at cars, but I didn’t realize there was a broken car in the picture. Ugh.

    (If you didn’t blog about this, b/c you wanted it to be private info, I’m fine with that too, just confused.)


    • Me Says:

      When we were on vacation our Mazda (the green car without the AC) got into an accident. The person at the wheel was a friend of ours. The insurance company decided that a 10 year old car with over 100,000 miles was not worth the $6,000 of repairs they estimated. In fact, the value was about 1/2 that, so nit-picking on what repairs were really necessary was not going to change the “total” devastation. The car can actually still drive, although it is possibly not legal to drive it in its current condition. So it has been sitting in our driveway waiting for settlement on what to do. We did come to a settlement yesterday, at the figure I had in my head as reasonable. So the car will be leaving on Monday. And maybe we will have a new car to replace it soon.

  2. kayak woman Says:

    I was confused too. Just catching up on blogs after a few days of living on the edge (-;

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