Stress & Tranquility

Tranquillo Barnetta – a player for Switzerland.

When his name came up during play yesterday, we had to ask whether the games were really tranquil, and how tranquil we feel.

They have been fun to watch, and I find that I am really disappointed that my own soccer season has ended. We won’t play again until the fall. I feel like I have better ideas on how the game should flow and progress. Now, putting those thoughts into action would be an entirely different subject, but I just feel like I would have better ideas.

Today the games go from 3 in a day to 4 in a day. They are played two at a time. Our DVR can only accommodate one recording at a time apparently, so we can only record 2 of the 4 each day. The others will hopefully be available on ESPN 360 (computer), so not lost. Then there is the problem of actually finding the hours in the day to watch four games, work, commute and sleep.

This is making life a little more stressful, but it is a schedule that we welcomed into our life. Add in the new car purchase (up to the point it is time to test drive), still being behind on work and needing to do a few chores here and there. The stress is adding up. But I want to watch the soccer, so I don’t think that will be the thing to give.

We’ll see how it all goes through the end of the week. Oh – and the Mariners are in town …

3 Responses to “Stress & Tranquility”

  1. acourtois Says:

    Did you decide what kind of vee-hickle yet?

  2. raincharm Says:

    It is down to Mazda 3, Honda Civid or Toyota Corolla. Need to do test drives and see what is available in town and at what prices.
    Had the new Ford Fiesta in the sights for a while, but availability and smaller size are now against it. Also the Hyundai Elantra – good marks, but the version with the good marks is a bit over our hoped for price range.

    Now it is probably going to be the weekend before we can find time to get out together to do some test drives. It just keeps dragging on.

  3. jane Says:

    just go with the Honda and stop thinking. 😉

    soccer — the French are amazing! and I don’t mean that in a good way. I was listening to an ESPN/former soccer star (Alexei Lalas I think) and he said they will live to regret their actions — for several reasons.
    — you don’t get many chances to play in the world cup
    — they have not only disappointed themselves, but their country, the kids who look up to them, etc.
    — and you don’t get many chances to play in the world cup. 😉
    They will look back on their decisions/actions with regret.

    oh, and they act like spoiled children.

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