Kingdome – 10 years gone

The title should have been written yesterday.
But I was busy getting ready for our Kingdome Memories Implosion Party.

Can I say it was a blast? It was, although not the blow-out, have to apologize in the morning, kind of blast. More the great to see everyone again and remember all the great times we had there. Since the age range of attendees was 3 to 50-something, a few didn’t really have specific memories of the Kingdome. But they did enjoy the party none-the-less.

The house was decorated with so much of the Kingdome memorabilia that is usually hidden away in the house. It included a Mariner’s Kidzone banner welcoming those who attended, a life-size Ken Griffey Junior cut-out, pieces of the Kingdome (collected post-implosion), a seat bottom, a magnetic ailse-seat sign or two, posters from the 1980’s, t-shirts, sno-globes, commemorative plates, bobble-heads, baseballs, and other assorted paraphernalia.

The food included a Kingdome replica meatloaf, King”dogs”, salads, mac & cheese, strawberries galore, and a souffle that was supposed to implode. I have never made a souffle before, and neither has Ashlan. Armed with a recipe found on the internet we set off to do our best. We figured with our lack of experience, and the many tales of souffles falling at the slightest noise, that we couldn’t help but implode. So as it came out of the oven, to much heralding, it was carefully placed on the table. One of the attendees, who has a clap that may lead you to consider earplugs if you are sitting close-by, was chosen to lead the implosion. But of course, the souffle would not fall! So we ate it. To end it all there were Kingdome Cupcakes.

We were entertained by 3 tykes running amok and coloring, playing with clay (the idea had been to fashion several Kingdomes, but of course those spending most of the time with the clay had no memory of the dome), and generally running around. Those of us with ages in the double digits watched taped news coverage of the implosion, tapes from the early 90’s of Carl & Chuck calling a few innings here and there of live Mariner games, and batting practice tapes provided by our local movie maker mark. We also had Kingdome trivia and postcards sent to Carl from over 600 players, umpires, coaches and a few friends, with their thoughts about the Kingdome. This collection was started just over 10 years ago, and continues to grow, albeit slowly.

Today dawned sunny and cool, and we are enjoying the feeling that comes with having many friends gather together. That, and the leftover cupcakes.

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