Sports report – mostly amatuer

The final four are set.
In our families bracket we have winners and losers.
Rey is out – had all of his eggs in one bracket and it just didn’t pay off.
Ashlan who was down to very few is still standing with one – Michigan State. MSU has family ties, and I certainly was rooting for them today (even though Rey lives in the land of Tennessee).
Carl who had the most at the beginning of last week, is also still standing with one – West Virginia. Rey may be rooting for WV.
I am the proud holder of two teams – Duke and Butler. I actually have the potential to have both of the final two teams. And if you consider that I am an alumni of MSU, I have a 3/4 chance of rooting for the champion. Just have to get rid of that pesky WV.

On a more amatuer note, I had a soccer game tonight. I am hoping it is just a coincidence that both soccer games I have been involved with this year took place in the rain. Don’t want to get into this wet pattern. But I went tonight.
Felt OK, just a bit tired. We were playing a team of young athletes, but they were fairly new to soccer. I am sure they played it in school or as younger players, but their first game as a new team together. Our team of late teens to early 50s played OK. Got up 2-0 in the first half.

Some time in the start of the second half I tweaked my back. The young athletes on the other team may be new to soccer, but they can stop and turn on a dime. I can stop and turn, but it takes a boatload of dimes to describe the distance involved in slowing, stopping and changing direction. But that doesn’t stop me from trying to match their moves. We had one substitute, so I figured I would take myself out the next chance I had. I was also playing forward, an unusual position nowadays, but fun. Our best player, Dan, had the ball and was bringing it up the field. I moseyed down the field, watching the other players run up. Dan started yelling at me to go forward. Since everybody on our team knew who I was, I moved. He passed me the sweetest ball – nice pace, no bounce – and I struck it firmly with my left foot – and scored.

This is the second goal I have scored with this team. FUN! And best of all, since you can sub after a goal, I got to leave the game and stretch my back.
Final score – 4-1. A nice way to start the season.

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