The last 15 hours

Left work – complicated carpooling. It was raining.
One work-mate going to the game. Mate’s husband bringing son by for another work-mate to watch. Husband going to game. They have two cars, want to drop one at a park and ride, so only one goes into Seattle. Other work-mate going to Seattle. Wants a rider for carpool as the soccer game traffic was sure to snarl things. Much discussion and we all take off. Baaad traffic. What could be 10 minutes is 45.

Missed Train(Bus)
The grand plans was for Carl & I to enjoy a soccer game and then wander to the train station adjacent to the  stadium and pick up Ashlan, arriving from Vancouver. Got a call indicating said plan was kaput, since she missed the Train(Bus) by about 2 minutes. Apparently the No. 3 Vancouver bus broke down, had to wait 5 minutes for another and …..

Noodle stop. It was raining.
After meeting up downtown the 3 game goers stopped at a noodle house in the International District and got hot to-go noodles. I got 2 since meeting Carl later.

Made Train(Train) – but short of goal
Call from Ashlan – on the Train(Train) that left 45 minutes after the Train(Bus), but could only get a ticket as far as Everett. Hmmm. Supposed to arrive at 9:50 PM. We should be able to make that (quick calculations = 6:30 game + 2 hours + bus ride home + 30 minutes to Everett)

Picnic in the stadium. It was raining.
Arrived at the stadium. Once inside the lower concourse was full of people. Many took advantage of open floor space to eat dinner in the dry. So did the three of us and our noodle boxes. Mmmmm.

Soccer game. It was raining hard.
10 minutes to game time, should get to seats. Start down the tunnel to the seating – WOW, LOOK AT THAT RAIN. Back into the concourse to add a poncho layer on top of my long sleeved shirt, short sleeved Sounders t-shirt, jacket, outer jacket (longer & warmer) and scarf. Finally Carl arrives. Dry off seats with towel provided by the Sounders and sit until the opening whistle. Forgot about the pre-game festivities. About 1/2 hour to get started, which puts the plan for Everett a bit in jeopardy.

1st half – it was raining hard. The Philadelphia Union started quickly, picking off balls and looking like they meant business. But by the end of the 1st have the Sounders scored twice. My these guys can move quickly. A few missed traps due to skidding balls along the sideline, but when they string 3-4 quick passes together it is a thing of beauty.

2nd half – it was raining harder.
It was also a little colder. A few people had left and that lowered the cushion of warmth provided by all the other bodies. Not really too cold, however. My layers were doing their job, helped a lot by the poncho. (Thanks Shelley)

Bus home – It was raining.
We made it to the bus tunnel, with all of the other soccer fans, and packed onto our bus home. Usually we get an express bus. I guess after 9 at night they mostly run locals. So, after a while we were making some progress towards home and dry clothes. Call Ashlan. Inform her I will definitely be late. Walking the four blocks from the bus Ashlan calls. She is in Everett.

Dump outer layers. – It was raining lightly.
First things first – get off the wet outer layer of jackets and ponchos. Going to change pants too.
Phone rings – Ashlan says the train station closes at 10 PM and she will be outside. It is 9:45 and there is no way I can be there before 10. Find directions to the Everett train station, forget changing clothes and jump into the car. Brought the leftover noodles.

Finally rendezvous. Sprinkling lightly?
Two phone calls on the way north. (Yes, I had my earpiece in – not breaking laws here). Gave her my coordinates. The last call I was almost in sight. Turns out there had been a creepy man hanging about. Said something to her once (she just smiled in reply). Whenever he was around or staring at her she would call. The security guard had said they had cameras on the front area, and she hoped he was in an office watching. She did let him know she wasn’t entirely comfortable. (He also said to stand on the spotlights in the pavement as they gave off some warmth) A family in the same area helped for a bit, and there were a few taxis about (don’t know if they would have been helpful, other than getting into one). A cleaning lady was in view in the station part of the time. I suggested next time she offer to help clean if they let her stay inside. But I am finally there.

Home. Rain almost done.
Sports – BUTLER WINS. My No. 5 continues over a No. 1. My No. 1 Duke plays today.
Chat for a bit, but really time to get out of all of the wet clothes.

Morning. Up – sprinkling on and off.

Driving to work, I was just feeling happy. First time in a bit, getting kids home safe is always good.

Eagle flying with crow in hot pursuit.
Along the lake drive spotted an Eagle. Always nice. It was fairly low and right over the road. It finally turned out over the lake and the crow left, back to its own doings.


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