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Life Interrupted

May 3, 2023

Returned home, worked 2 days, and then entered the dreaded world of Covid. After managing to elude it for 3 years, it caught us. Carl first, Saturday, and me by Monday.

Disappointing to have this be the first post trip picture

I figured it was likely after Carl got sick, so I ran necessary errands on Saturday and worked on time sensitive items on Sunday. I should be able to finish the time sensitive work tomorrow. Still sick, but my brain is working again.

Carl and my journey’s have been very similar, just 2 days apart. The first day was barely able to stay up, but long enough for a video Drs visit to get Paxlovid. I was able to pick it up for Carl, but had to have mine delivered. The second day was better, but still mostly horizontal. Not making any important decisions. Day 3 it feels like recovery is on the horizon, and attempts at doing things can happen. Day 4 for me is tomorrow, but Carl managed to do our laundry, so apparently more energy.

We’ve had to cancel some engagements, like baseball games and donating blood.

And I have to get better soon because I am flying back to Michigan in a bit. I guess I won’t worry quite as much about catching Covid this trip. We figure the likely infection locations were the Mets game or the flight back from NY, even though we were masked on all transit.

At least we got to enjoy a few fleeting flower moments before isolating ourselves in the house.