We didn’t get to any movies last night – the first one that we were going to go to was sold out, and the second one we have on DVD at home. And I was still working.

Today – did work again, but it is a work day. Actually accomplished finishing population for 2022 and doing some checking and clean-up of customer accounts. Basically a good, productive day.

In the background, Carl & I continued to discuss the movie we did see on Saturday – Gold Diggers of 1933. In particular, one of the opening scenes is Ginger Rogers singing We’re in the Money. And the best part of this, or at least the most interesting part is when she sings it in Pig Latin. I don’t have much more to talk about, because – work – but here is a link to the song. The accompanying video is from the movie, with the Pig Latin starting at about the 1:45 mark (of 4 to 5 minutes).

And I don’t think I mentioned the Seahawks game yesterday. It was do or die, and then needing other teams to do their part. I did not watch the entire game. A few moments here and there, including the “would be winning field goal” that bounced off the upright. And then in OT, where I saw a bit more – they were not able to win when they had the ball for the first drive. But neither was the other team, who actually turned it over before they could score (and win). This time the Seahawks managed to kick a field goal and secure a CHANCE at the Wild Card spot. AND THEN – Detroit had to beat Green Bay. I have always rooted for the Lions, since they were the team closest to my home town. But they have not had the greatest reputation over the last several years – and Green Bay had Aaron Rogers (I think). Because the Seahawks won, Detroit was out of the playoffs already, and if Green Bay won – they were in and the Seahawks were out. But Detroit did the cool thing and won, allowing the Seahawks to play for another week. Yeah for all of my Michigan friends have a good last game, and for all of my Seahawk diehards to get one more.

3 Responses to “8”

  1. Margaret Says:

    Ig pay atin Lay! I would never have recognized it. I was happy that Detroit won because I heartily dislike Aaron Rodgers. And one more game, awful as it might turn out to be. 🙂

  2. jane Says:

    And Aiden Hutchinson, rookie out of U-M is awesome! He had a stellar first season.

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