The plus is because it’s tomorrow morning from yesterday.

Yesterday was largely a work day. But after much wrangling I did manage to finish the metrics for December 2022. I hope to finish the 2022 EOY population today. Then it is cleaning up the duplicate accounts that caused me a few days of grief, checking through a new set of data for consistency and finally can get back to other work.

Carl had a conversation with a friend on the telephone on Friday or Saturday. There had been a picture around with Carl sporting a green Mariners knit hat, and the friend commented on the hat in particular. Carl remembered I had been given the hat as part of an appreciation bag once when I was a handler for Wayne Drop (District Mascot) at Mariners Kids Day. And he had never seen it elsewhere.

Then, on Saturday, as we were walking paste the Taste of India’s outdoor seating area, there was a person wearing the same hat!

Hat tossing area

One Response to “7+”

  1. Margaret Says:

    I’ve never seen a Mariners hat that color!

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