Two days in a row.

Not much to report. A hectic day at work. Most folks are back from breaks, including customers who want service. Nothing too astronomical, well there’s always one.

Comments on my BIG project over the last few years were due last Friday. And we got a few on Friday. Including 3 from one person, the last sent at 11:45 PM. These are just not the straightforward type comments, so they will take time….. Hoping to get through reviewing all of the comments and developing responses, and any required responses in a month.

New employee today too. Seems like a nice person.

Found some of the data I use on a monthly basis has a new format. That’s not bad in itself, but it would be helpful to know in advance. And I probably spent half of my work day verifying that I understood some additional fields, which I do, but I think it points out the need for some data cleanup. I couldn’t tell you the number of records out of the almost 20,000 that need modifying.

Aren’t you’ll enthralled about this insight into my work day?

On the home front, one of our neighbors had their catalytic converter stolen in the wee morning hours from not 1, but 2 of their cars. It completely stinks. They estimate from the time the car alarm sounded until the thieves got into their getaway van was about 3 minutes.

And the year begins.

Nothing to do with today. Just a bold bunny who decided I was not scary enough to move for.

2 Responses to “2”

  1. Margaret Says:

    Your work sounds complicated! Advance notice is always better; I remember many frustrating experiences of learning as we went along, dealing with lots of bugs and lack of training.

    • raincharm Says:

      Occasionally complicated, but more like a web to follow. Lots of different things that connect to each other. You just have to follow the threads.

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