Happy New Year

2023 is here.

I generally don’t do resolutions, but here’s one. I will try to post more often.

Traveled to Portland to join others in a film show paying tribute to the late Dennis Nyback. It was just a 24 hour trip, but interesting nonetheless.
In the Bluebird Inn we stayed at in Portland. I don’t think I have seen a sink quite like this before
In honor of the US Men’s Soccer Team in the World Cup
Snowman created before the opening game of the World Cup. The games started at an early, but reasonable hour. Hence the darkness
A shopping trip including the Pike Place Market gave us an opportunity to find our tile. This was pre-kids, so just the two of us.
We found the Big W. Think It’s a Mad, Mad, Mad, Mad World
Utility Cover that I liked
This year’s tree. We used about 1/4 of the picture ornaments from Carl’s Mom. You can zoom in to see the details
I did manage to get to the office occasionally, but that doesn’t mean the home office was deserted.
This was the snow before the ice storm
You know how it is you can never think of anything you want when asked. And then ideas just show themselves. This is somewhat repaired. I was using the Split Pea soup recipe, but the book is stuck on lamb recipes.
Post ice event. It’s about 1/4″ thick and basically as slick as it looks. We went nowhere
Christmas Eve dinner. Chinese of course. Our tradition of about 4 years. Hint: Order at least a few days in advance. This was the day after the day of no travel, even to the end of the block.

Because the city was shut down on the 23rd by ice, all of the pre-Christmas food shopping that might have happened on the 23rd, joined the pre-Christmas shopping planned for the 24th, resulting in gridlocked grocery stores. We entered 3, and got no new food.

Merry Christmas. We had a lovely day and prepared food already in the house. Luckily this included filet mignon, from much earlier in the week, so we ate well.
We did manage to get out for a walk to Candy Cane Lane, a small area within walking distance, that has been decorating since 1949.

For those who waited, and waded through this so far, here is a reward. The seldom seen…

Grandchild No. 3 sighting, in NYC. Oh, and the daughter.
Grandchildren 1 and 2, in TN

Hopefully I will “see” you again soon.

One Response to “Happy New Year”

  1. Margaret Says:

    Gorgeous grandchildren! So far away though. 😦 It sounds like you’ve been busy and doing an interesting variety of activities. Me not so much although I have gone out more than normal which is probably why I have a cold. Will Covid test tomorrow.

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