I feel like I have a hangover. And all I drank yesterday was coffee and water.


We left our house around 9:15 AM, to enjoy a day at the ballpark. We finally returned just about 9 PM. The house was dark, no lights had been left on, inside or outside.

What we did not expect was 18 innings of baseball, 2 full games. 6 hours and 22 minutes from first pitch to last. And the packed stadium stayed packed to the bitter end.

Although I am not sure bitter is the correct word. Yes, it was not a happy ending, and my hope to have to struggle to get up and head to the park again today was not to be, there was still a sense of accomplishment. The team made it to the ALDS series. One of the last 8 teams standing.

Not for 21 years had we been invited to spend money for extra baseball. The next few VISA bills should be exciting with payments and then refunds.

The 14th inning stretch

And for 17 innings the Astros were held scoreless. Of course, so were the Mariners.

Rally fez, some inning in the teens

The light rail down was only modestly full. Others going for the opening of the gates, and some workers. The Husky football crowd was not yet packing for their game.

Post game we decided to walk up into downtown and catch the train further along its route. This was not a bad idea, but we should have walked one more stop, to Westlake, instead of stopping at University Street. We just missed one train, and couldn’t find a place to squeeze into the next. We decided we were going to get onto the next, no matter what. One of our group got into one car, and we went to the next, which was ever so slightly like a sardine can. We could see some spaces that hadn’t filled in, and at the Westlake stop were able to get to a better standing location. I am still glad that we walked, it helped to mentally sort what had happened.

Which brings us to today. The body is creaky and the voice is rough. Maybe from the smoke, but also from the innings of cheering. And just tired. And waiting for next year.

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  1. Margaret Says:

    What a game! I can’t believe it lasted that long. In spite of the length, it must have been awe-inspiring to be part of it.

    • raincharm Says:

      It was an event to be certain. I am glad we were there, even given the outcome.
      Now we need to sort out who we want to win the World Series. And it won’t be the Astros. At least we held Cheater Altuve hitless through all 3 games.

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