Playoff Win #2

We went to T-Mobile Park again today. Per baseball superstitions we sat in the same place, with most of the same people. That’s about where the similarity ended.

Yesterday we were in the happy position of being in the lead from the first inning. Not a laugher, but comfortable.

Today the Mariners didn’t have the lead until the 9th. And it was very uncomfortable. Until the end. At which point it was jubilant.

To try and manage the energy and angst we decided to walk to the game. We used to do this regularly, but light rail has made it easier to transit. With about 6 miles under our belt we were ready to sit back and enjoy the game.

But this game had to be earned. Including the moments when we were sure we were going to be back in the stadium tomorrow. And there are other tasks that shouldn’t be completely ignored.

And rally shoes?! I like it if only because it was created by a fan, and not MLB. They showed it on ESPN, but I don’t think the announcers understood its small start at a point in the game where the Mariners showed they intended to make it a game.

Rally Shoe, care of Carl

And I also discovered that clapping your hands gives you steps. I had a lot of steps from the walk. Currently at 17,735. I think about 2,000 are from clapping.

Most important outcome from today is that we will have a home game next Saturday!

The Section 106 Core Fans

As Mark opined during the game. I hate baseball! I love baseball!

One Response to “Playoff Win #2”

  1. Margaret Says:

    That would have been a nerve-wracking game. I walk around too when I get nervous!

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