Working Weekend

Spent the morning working on work. I still have a list of work items that really should get done before Tuesday. That’s when I leave to meet the newest member (not by much) of the family. I did go into the office on Friday and spent about half the day unpacking. The office is cleaner and looks more organized than before.

And there is a list of home projects that also need to get done, so while the sun was shining this afternoon we made hay. Or at least staked the raspberry patch and did some weeding. The raspberry patch staking is good enough to hold until I return. I needed a few more zip ties for my loosely held together structure.

Flexible structure

Carl weeded dandelions and I hoe weeded general weeds in one area that I started on last weekend. But I noticed some of the small wild strawberries were trying to come back.

In another bed the strawberries we tried to start last year are appearing to be ready to make a go of it. There were a few berries last year, but all eaten by critters. We’ll see what happens this year.

And there is some garlic perking along.

The real read of our weekly efforts is in the compost bin.

Reasonable. Enough to pull to the curb.

In honor of the sunny afternoon, one of Carl’s breakfasts from last week.

Grandkids, just because.

I believe insatiable was the word
Interaction during a diaper change during a video chat

Finally, on the Covid note, I have received 2 different notifications of short (<15 minutes) exposure to someone who reported they had Covid. This is through a Washington State app that uses telephone location tracking to see who was near the phone of the person who reported they were positive. I took a home test after the first notification. And I will take a test the night before I am supposed to leave. Double boosted and I wear a mask more than most, so hopefully all will be good.

One Response to “Working Weekend”

  1. Margaret Says:

    I thought I signed up for that too but no notifications so far. I’m also double boosted and hope that keeps me safe from the virus on my travels. (and prior to that so I can go in the first place) I’m doing a lot of mowing and have one more flowerbed. Yay for strawberries!

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