So today started out with a bunch of frustrations. All tech related. Signing up for a new place to get tickets, but despite setting up accounts, error messages abound. I both started and ended my day with this trial.

When I decided I really needed to get to work, my home second monitor was connected, but not to work. Work from home involves using a Surface with a slightly larger second monitor. The second monitor makes up for the diminutive size of the surface screen. IT was able to direct me to the setting to solve this situation, although I have no idea how it got changed.

The alternative would have been to go to the office. This is currently on the 2 days per week schedule, but this week has been disrupted by the carpet replacement.

End of my cleaning
End of the Carpet Layer’s cleaning
With the new carpet installed

I will be in on Friday and get to unpack.

Then I will be out of the office, remote remote starting Wednesday. I get to remember sleep disrupted nights and help with Elijah.

Although he’s sleeping in almost every picture, so how much work can he be?


One Response to “Stresssssss”

  1. Margaret Says:

    They always look so peaceful and calm in photos where they’re sleeping…but not at 3 a.m. What fun that you get to meet Elijah and help out! I don’t miss the tech issues at work. There was always something.

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