Let’s call yesterday a transition day. It segued from snow and cold to some rain and cold. But there was a moment when the snow was not so dry, and the rain hadn’t started in earnest. Just enough time to build a snowman.

Oh no, Mr. Bill

Last night it rained, hard. Over an inch. Against all odds, Mr. Bill survived the night. Although I think he may have imbibed to stay warm because he was listing when Carl took the garbage out. No garbage pickup last week, so double load today.

A bit “tip”sy

Today had everything, except warmth. Rain, hail, snow and sunshine. At one point we had all except rain going on at one time.  And although the snow was 8 days old, it appears to be stern stuff. As of the late afternoon, Mr. Bill was still leaning to the left. It is Seattle after all.

Silenced, but still standing

And we have now had mail delivered 2 days of the new year, including New Year’s Day. Our neighbor dropped of a letter to us, delivered to their house. I assumed mis-delivery until I looked at the address. One of our old friends used a 29-year old address, from when we lived next door. Turn about is fair though. In tonight’s mail we had a letter for them.

One Response to “Everything”

  1. Margaret Says:

    My mail delivery has been spotty and very late. The roads, although they looked fine, were very icy in my area today. My car read 36 degrees so I didn’t expect it at all. I’m a cautious sort, even in my Subaru with studless snow tires. However, there were a couple times I wasn’t sure I was going to be able to stop. Yikes.

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