Happy New Year

It’s 2022.

Carl asked how many years had we been alive when the year had 3 of the same digits. Answers will vary by person, but my answers are at the end of this post. Not a particularly hard number problem, but provides a glimpse into the inner workings of Carl’s brain.

We had a quiet but congenial New Year’s Eve evening. We convened with the folks from the next two houses on the middle house porch. It’s a long covered porch so we were outside, well spaced, and bundled up. Likely in the twenties. We shared some sparkling Asti, crackers, brie and smoked salmon. We spent the time solving the world’s problems, bemoaning the loss of Betty White, and discussing when we might once again have mail delivery. Seriously, we haven’t had any mail since Christmas. While we were discussing this situation a mail truck pulled up delivering packages across the street. The cold was an excellent defense against overindulgence as that required taking off gloves. This gathering happened about 5 PM, and none of us expected to make it until midnight.

Surprisingly, Carl and I were still up, watching a show as the clock ticked down. The show, a short movie about NYE ended precisely at midnight with fireworks in the background, and the sound of local fireworks started in as well. I glanced at my wrist tracker, noted it was showing steps, not time, but the steps were at zero for the day. We did retire at that point, but the local fireworks continued for quite a while.

It is predicted to be cold but dry today. Still in the teens when I woke this morning, and predicted to reach the mid 30s. Tomorrow the rain is predicted to return with temperatures reaching the 40s. So today should be the day to take down the tree and fit it into the yard waste bin. As if to further indicate it is time to undecorate, the lights on the tree are all out this morning. I used 4 strings of battery powered lights, and they are all dead this morning.

Jay and Carl’s answers are the same. 1999, 2000, and now 2022. Before us it would have been 1911, and the next is 2111.

2 Responses to “Happy New Year”

  1. Margaret Says:

    Ooh, I hadn’t thought about the numbers. Intriguing. My NYE was uneventful although several neighbors were lighting off bombs (shook my house), even in the 17 degree weather.

    • raincharm Says:

      Sometimes I have the evil thought to go about early New Years Day, making a lot of loud noises outside the houses of those keeping us up longer than necessary the night before. I don’t mind the few markers, but an hour long is 50 minutes too much.

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