Christmas Eve

An almost tradition we have adopted is to order Chinese for dinner. Getting through on the telephone was proving fruitless, so we walked the mile or so to order in person for a later pickup.

And were really a bit late anyway. But they took our order, and we’ll return when they call. Anytime between 3:30 and 7:30, with a goal of 4:00. Flexibility is the key to having a good time, and it’s just the two of us, so we can roll with whatever comes our way.

The walk there was brisk, but dry. At least until we approached the restaurant. The sprinkles started. The sprinkles continued on the walk home, at least until it turned to rain. A change of exposed clothing was in order when we got home.

Continuing on the food theme, we went shopping, in a grocery store yesterday. The goal was a small prime rib for Christmas dinner. While we were browsing we happened upon some bacon-wrapped filet mignon. They were not outrageously priced, actually very reasonable, so we got them too. Christmas Eve Eve’s dinner was very tasty. Mind you we normally have beef maybe once a month, so special times.

And the tree finally has some ornaments.

So the home preparations, such as they are, are almost complete. I may do a little food prep for tomorrow. Releasing the seeds from a pomegranate comes to mind. Otherwise we are spending our afternoon watching different versions of A Christmas Carol.

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