And Now for Something Completely Different

What do you think of when you hear Weather Underground.

I think of the weather forecasting website. I was looking up the weather, and the sidebar noted the organization was founded in Ann Arbor. I happened to be talking with my Dad. Also in Ann Arbor.

Carl said he thought of the radical group from the 60s. So I looked them up. Also founded in Ann Arbor.

Just saying …

And now onto locks. Not the Soo kind. The front door kind.

On Sunday Carl was trying to open the front door from the inside to check for something. The knob came off in his hand, with the door still closed. The spindle/stem was broken. Sheared off. Thankfully we have a back door, so it’s just a few more steps.

On Monday I made an appointment with a locksmith to come by Tuesday afternoon to take a look. Robel showed up and completely dismantled our almost 100 year old front mortise lock.

Robel was kind enough to to show us how the mechanism works.

The work is complete and we can once again come and go as we please. Mind you, the door is still a unique, eccentric door that has it’s special way of working. I think the door needs a shave.

6 Responses to “And Now for Something Completely Different”

  1. Margaret Says:

    I think of the radical group too! That is quite a door and it IS lucky that you had another entrance.

  2. RegenAxe Says:

    We had an issue with our front door a few years ago. It wasn’t the lock, although that is quirky too. It was the metal strip at the bottom and summer humidity. We did end up shaving a bit off the bottom of the door. Of course, in the winter, without the humidity, there’s a draft at the bottom.

    • raincharm Says:

      I’ll give a few weeks to get used to the new eccentricities. Then consider whether we should try to make the door easy for everyone to use.

  3. jane Says:

    My friend Jeff was part of the founding group of Weather Underground (weather). I wouldn’t be at all surprised if the radical group name was a big part of the decision making.

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