Garden Tour

We held a sisterly zoom yesterday and the youngest gave us a tour of her garden. In bloom through just testing the weather.

So, here is my somewhat abbreviated version of the current garden.

What a lovely yellow field of blooms. Not ours, and our goal is to keep this particular variety at bay.
Camellia, one flower. There are hundreds.
Oregon grape
Little tiny plant. Strawberry, not carrots. The stake is to help avoid the tiny plant being trod upon. Not unlike the rocks Mom placed to warn us off young trees
Tulip, limited petal count
Tulip, many petaled variety
Back to the sun, so the mobile device is shaded.

Now, back to work!

4 Responses to “Garden Tour”

  1. Margaret Says:

    Love orange tulips and don’t have many. I used to have more than I do now. I have lots of reds and purples that come up. Camellias are so beautiful! I need to get to Lakewold Gardens soon.

    • Jay Says:

      The tulips have been getting more and more sparse over the past few years. I like them, but need some new bulbs. I also want Iris!, but managed to miss the February window for bulbs …

  2. RegenAxe Says:

    Lovely! we have vinca minor and vinca major in bloom right now. Our one daffodil plant has already bloomed. Best part of our “garden” is when the daylilies bloom. They come back every year, and I think they’ve even spread. Our yard is definitely laissez-faire.

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