Sunny Wednesday Afternoon

Carl has been out and about. I have been working.

That is the essence of our lives, and especially mine right now. We are managing, and I am not sure if the weather is helping or hurting. It is gorgeous. A bit windy at times, but I am sure it is in the 60s this afternoon. I am on a work break, and plan to go back to try and complete the final 4 draft slides for a presentation on Monday. That may sound like I am ahead of the game, but it needs to be reviewed by my boss…..

1 week post Covid shot 1 reaction.

I noticed this nice red area a few nights ago, just in time to read an article about such occurrences. The article suggested it was a good sign, showing the body at work. But wow, what wrinkles. I hadn’t had time to apply the spackle yet.

There have been a few walks along the way, but not enough given the weather. Signs of spring in Seattle.

We ordered tamales from Frelard Tamales and they were delivered today. Most are in the freezer, but I intend to steam a few to enjoy tonight. And they delivered flowers along with the food!

Speaking of which, it is time to start dinner. Carl does the bulk of the food prep, but I am up tonight.

2 Responses to “Sunny Wednesday Afternoon”

  1. Margaret Says:

    Love those flowers! I’m never sure what to wear outside, although I see people in tank tops. Way too chilly and breezy for me. I’ll wear a tee-shirt with no jacket this weekend though!

    • raincharm Says:

      Wow! I just checked the weather for the weekend. It will push me to not work, and get into the garden.

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