Good Deed Walk

We set out today for our Saturday walk. I wanted to wait until later, when it would be warmer. Frosty morning, sunny day. But Carl had a baseball date to play catch with a friend, and I had a Town Hall meeting to attend, both early afternoon. So off we went.

One of Carl’s walk activities is looking for lost money. A penny here, a quarter there. It usually is between $30 to $40 for the year. There was the somewhere around $50 find in bills in the middle of the road in Fort Collins a few years ago, but that was an aberration. Today, along with around 37 cents or so, there was a wallet. Complete with license, credit cards and cash. Because it had a license with an address we drove it home after our walk. Of course, it turned out the owner didn’t live at the address, but much closer to our house. We left it with his parents anyway. He called to thank Carl, and offered a gift, but Carl declined saying it was just what should be done.

The rest of the walk was less eventful.

Carl went on his date, and I completely spaced the Town Hall! I did listen to it after the fact. The topic of our concern was asked by a neighbor (I had emailed my question beforehand). What can homeowners do who have tent communities next to their houses, when the dwellers are not interested in using City services, and the City and State Highway folks can’t seem to figure out which agency is responsible for dealing with the results of the tent communities. (We live next to I-5) The answer given missed the mark on the main points of the question, but addressed the question very generally, veering into what had been done in the legislature. I realized after the meeting was over that this was an opportunity for them to tell what they had been doing. Not to really answer questions or address other topics.

Tomorrow is another day to try another tactic.

And take another walk.

4 Responses to “Good Deed Walk”

  1. Margaret Says:

    Wow, that’s great that you could return the lost wallet. It’s a nightmare of mine to lose my purse. It happened to me once and that’s why it terrifies me. Such hassle! I took a long walk today; it was gorgeous out. Feeling like it could be cold tonight though.

  2. RegenAxe Says:

    I had a purse stolen when our kids were Cub Scouts. I left it in the cafeteria when we went to the gym to play kickball until all the parents picked up their little darlings. Someone called later that night. His dogs wouldn’t come away from the back fence, and he went over and saw my purse tossed up against other side of the fence where the RR embankment ran. My wallet was gone, but I had the name and number of a babysitter in a side pocket. She lived right across the street from the man, so he was able to get my info from her. We met at the nearby Quick Trip. A HS student was jogging along the embankment and found my wallet along the train tracks. No money, but my license was there, so that hassle was saved.


    • raincharm Says:

      And it is a hassle to replace things. I was reading a history of pockets. More like bags tied around the waist, but worn under the clothes.

  3. raincharm Says:

    And it is a hassle to replace things. I was reading a history of pockets. More like bags tied around the waist, but worn under the clothes.

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