What she said

The frost was on the neighbor’s roof this morning. Based on that, long underwear made its 2021 debut. Our long morning walk was fairly comfortable. We shared our outdoor space with a friend, so the conversations were more wide ranging than usual. That’s a good thing. Talking and walking is usually okay, but we live, and walk near a freeway. There are locations where it gets decidedly difficult to hear each other. If it’s just the two of us, we may just pause for a bit. When we are sharing time with others nowadays you don’t want to waste a moment, because they are so few and far between.

Of course, we can mess up conversations within our home, with no outside noise intruding.

This afternoon I was reading an article regarding the 17-year return of insects that Carl watched as a youth. I was trying to impart a snippet to Carl, and said, “Brood cicadas.” He went off on some tangent. When we circled back to try and figure out what each other was trying to say, it came out that Carl thought I said, “bruised potatoes.”

On more mundane notes, the taxes have been started. And the next puzzle.

2 Responses to “What she said”

  1. Margaret Says:

    My dad can’t hear well and refuses hearing aids, so some of the stuff he thinks we say (and responds to) is a common cause for hilarity. I’m sure glad he has a lively sense of the ridiculous and doesn’t take himself too seriously. Definitely a cold walk today. I should have worn gloves and three layers. But I did love the blue sky!

    • raincharm Says:

      My Dad wears his hearing aids only when he thinks he might need to hear something. And for some reason they cause static when he’s on the telephone. Many of our phone calls start with, “let me take my hearing aid out so I can hear you. “

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