What you say matters

I do know I was told as I was growing up, “If you can’t say something nice, don’t say anything at all.”

Pence apparently subscribes to that rule as he did not mention the outgoing liar-in chief in his farewell address.

I don’t normally what TV during the day. Because, work. But it is on now – pre-work hours, and it will go on and off as I go in and out of meetings. By my schedule I should be able to watch the actual swearing in. Don’t worry, I have plenty of extra hours to use. Work will get the minimum 40 hours per week.

I was able to tune in for some of the inauguration, the early parts mostly on mute, but then able to turn up the volume. I sang, I clapped and cheered. This would have been nice to do with others, but such is our time.  Amanda Gorman. Wow, and such poise.

One of the failures of the outgoing person, now citizen, was his reaction to the pandemic. That will continue to haunt the country for the remainder of this year, and for many the lingering health effects will last their lifetime. One of our friends is a funeral director in the area, and needless to say, the past year has been busy and difficult. She is in this USA Today article about the past year, when the US story started right in our area. (If you see the print version, apparently Lisa’s picture is on the front page! It may be yesterday’s paper, Biden got today’s pic.)

She had been busy all year, but her workload increased significantly last month.

And today, the last president, Washington, of our presidential advent calendar is removed. And our flag flies.

One Response to “What you say matters”

  1. Margaret Says:

    Words matter, and TRUTH! (which we’ve had so little of from the prior administration or the GOP in general) I still see some discouragingly crappy stuff on Facebook and I’m sure it’s all over those right wing sites. But for today, I’ll be a little hopeful with these adults in charge.

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