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A different sort of Advent Calendar

January 2, 2021

The definitions of Advent include:

  • A coming into place or view
  • Most frequently associated with the coming of Christ into the world, celebrated during the four Sundays before Christmas.

The Advent being marked in our house is celebrating the coming of a new president. This is not intended to equate, in any way, the president-elect or any president with Christ, or any religious figure. We strongly support the separation of church and state.

Our 2021 countdown has begun.

The first 20 presidents
Grant steps aside

Back to a hope for sanity. I had written back to reality, but realized that, for me, the last four years have been a reality check. I don’t think my rather idealistic outlook has been so tested since the early 70s when I found out some of my friends parents were racist. And that not everyone understood that wanton littering was bad.

On Day 19 and counting.

Happy New Year