Boxing Day

We stayed home yesterday. All day. Didn’t do more than get to the front sidewalk to rescue the newspaper from the rain. We used to have dinner at lunch, and then get out a bit in the afternoon. But with all of our family groups in earlier time zones, we spent the morning and afternoon on various calls and zooms, and had dinner at supper time.

This was followed by an evening of movies, including The Bishop’s Wife, A Christmas Carol (1951 with Allister Sim), and the start of Hush, Hush, Sweet Charlotte. I’m not sure this is really a Christmas movie, and we will finish it later today. Our earlier morning and now afternoon has Premiere League Soccer on the telly.

Today we knew we needed to get out to stretch our legs. First up was our chance to check out the remains of the Seven Gables Theater. There were others also bidding adieu.

The actual theater area
NE 50th Frontage
Roosevelt Ave Frontage

We headed south to the newish waterfront park on the waterway between the University and Montlake bridges. There were one or two others passing through, but we really only shared the blustery park with seagulls.

Our next goal was to head up University Way and through the farmers market. I didn’t think University Way extended to the waterfront, but I was fairly certain that 15th Avenue, the next street east, did. I don’t know how we missed it, but we didn’t get off the waterfront until we were at the east side of the University Hospital, almost to 25th Avenue NE. We were out for exercise, so not a real problem. Carl suggested my navigation skills were at fault.

We trundled through the Campus and eventually got back to University Way, the Ave.

North, and up the incline. The only real downside to heading to the waterfront is that it is uphill all the way home. We finally reached the Farmer’s Market, except it wasn’t there. I guess they get a week off, well deserved.

And so we headed home, pausing briefly to watch the kittens playing at the Paws shelter.

At home we were surprised to find our snowman finally decided to get up.

Following a 5-day nap

A good morning. 10,000 plus steps. In other metrics, Carl found 10 coins totaling 50 cents. Not a bad start for the 2021 found money effort. Every year Carl collects found money, and saves it in a container. At the end of the year he asks several local folks to guess the total. The closest to the actual total wins the filthy lucre, and it is filthy.

Audrey won 2020 with her guess of $30. ($29.71 actual count.)

2021 collection has been initiated

And it looks like our lost package has miraculously reappeared and been delivered. When I checked the tracking, we mailed it on December 11th, and it got to Denver on the 14th. That is where it languished with other fellow packages until the 24th. Finally made it to Fort Collins on the 26th. Not too late in the long run.

4 Responses to “Boxing Day”

  1. Margaret Says:

    When I lived in Seattle, the Seven Gables was iconic. I’m sad to see its demise. What an excellent walk, although I got cold looking at your photos. Shorts too!

    • raincharm Says:

      That’s a primary difference between Carl and I. Shorts vs. two jackets. At least he’s wearing gloves, some of the time.

      Carl remembers going to the Seven Gables to see the Secret of Roan Inish on a Mother’s Day. There were others, it was so close to us. No parking issues.

  2. RegenAxe Says:

    No fires or explosions to report here. I heard that Antioch made the news as part of a person of interest investigation. Anything to report there?

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